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Our goal is to teach the physical and mental aspects of baseball and softball by building skills in an easy-to-follow progression, explaining the what and why of each fundamental, mechanic, and strategy used by the best players. Just as important is the how. Emphasis is placed on teaching the athlete how skills can be mastered in the shortest amount of time. Confidence is dramatically raised when the student learns how they can become their own coach.

Instructor Gary Barr

All lessons conducted by Gary Barr. Instruction is offered in both baseball and fast pitch softball.

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Private Rental for Students

Current students, accompanied by an adult, can rent The Hitting Shop for $5 per hour for practice (outside lesson time).

Building Rome Series

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Analysis Tools

Gary believes in objectively measuring and tracking the progress of each student. This is done by recording successful repetition of critical drills during lessons, and by using radars to measure bat and ball speed. Slow motion video analysis is also available. Measurements are used to set mini-goals. Achievement of these mini-goals increases the student’s confidence and verifies significant progress is being made in the development of skills.

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Introductory lesson for half price – $15.

Free lesson for referring a new student!

Try out a softball slapping lesson for free!

College Recruiting Videos

College recruiting videos are a key tool in today’s recruiting world that can unlock a scholarship far out weighing the cost of the video. Click here to find out about creating a high quality video done from a coaching perspective.

Rent Our Facility

Rent the Salem Diamond Sports Hitting Shop for your group to team. Click here for more information.


Gary will travel to your field or facility to assist the coaching staff with specific needs. Click here for more information.

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