Gary will travel to your field or facility to conduct a team clinic. Clinics include ninety-percent practice and competitive games with mechanical explanations kept short and simple.

Cost is $1 per minute which can be split among team members (e.g. 90-minute clinic is $90).


Here are some clinics offered:


1. Outfield Defense
  • Tracking and catching flyballs.
  • Throwing to bases.
  • Crow-hops.
  • When and how to run through a ground ball.
  • When and how to block a ground ball.
  • Outfielder and infielder communication.
  • Backing up bases.
2. Hitting
  • Click here (Fundamental  Matrix) for a checklist of fundamentals and mechanics.
3. Baserunning
  • Sliding
  • Rolling start (softball).
  • Rounding.
  • Basics of baserunning at each base.
  • Leadoffs (baseball).
  • Stealing.
  • Squeeze and safety squeeze.
4. Throwing Skills, Drills, and Games
5. Infield Defense
  • Stealing.
  • Pickoffs.
  • Double steal.
  • Pop fly communication.
  • Ground ball basics.
  • Throwing on the run.
  • Types of infield throws.
  • Ground ball situations with runners.
  • Bunt defense.
  • Slap defense.
  • Backing up bases.
  • Base hit to outfield.
  • Double play.
  • Positioning strategy.
  • First base basics.
  • Middle infield basics.
  • Third base basics.
6. Short Game
  • Sacrafice Bunt.
  • Right Side Drag Bunt.
  • Left Side Drag Bunt.
  • Right Side Fake Bunt and Slap.
  • Left Side Hard Slap.
  • Push Bunt.
  • Squeeze Bunt.