College Recruiting Videos

If you’re serious about baseball or softball, you’ve probably already spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars in travel and team fees. Since college scholarships today are worth up to $16,000 a year, securing one is a great way to make that investment pay off. College recruiting videos are a highly effective method of showcasing your athletic abilities. They are a key tool in today’s recruiting world that can unlock a scholarship far out weighing the cost of the video.

Here are some other key points:

♦  Whether you want to play DI or DIII, a highlight reel can get you in front of recruiters. Quite simply, video has the ability to connect the right players with the right coaches.

♦  Providing a coach with a video of your skills gives them something to get to know you as an athlete. You are not telling them about you; you are showing them.

♦   Creating a recruiting video tells college coaches that you are serious about your sport, even if they never watch it.

♦  Keep in mind that the smaller college programs don’t have a travel budget, so they can’t travel around the country to see players at tournaments. A video and your player profile may be all they have to spark their interest in you.

♦  In this day and age the vast majority of recruitment video is watched on-line.  Players simply email the coach a link where they can watch the video.

♦  Submit your video by the spring of your junior year for a Division I or II scholarship. Timing is less critical for Division III.

Features of College Recruiting Videos produced by Salem Diamond Sports:

  • NEW High Definition Camera!
  • Cyberlink Power Director Video Editing Software.
  • Produced by Coach Gary Barr (not just some photographer!) highlighting the players best skills.
  • Bat Speed Measured.
  • Ball Exit Speed Measured.
  • Pitched Ball Speed Measured.
  • Timer for throws and running speed.
  • Video uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Professional appearance.
  • Video delivered within one week after film session. Allow three hours for filming.
  • Use your field or rent a field (additional charge).

Here are some samples:

Katie Virtue: 2014 Left Side Slapper/Outfield

Molly Smith: 2014 Pitcher

Mackenzie Miller: 2012 Second Base/Outfield

Jaycee Nelson: 2013 Pitcher/Middle Infield

Cheyenne Mendenhall: 2013 Pitcher/Outfield

Alee Banuelos: 2014 Third Base/First Base

Vanessa Oakden: 2013 Catcher/First Base

Sydney Wilson: 2013 Outfielder

Kierra Kallunki: 2012 Pitcher/Outfielder

Emili Riggs: 2012 Catcher/First Base

Ashley Wirth: 2013 Outfield