Fast Pitch Pitching Lessons

Gary emphasizes solid pitching mechanics, optimal locations, and maximizing spin rate for each type of pitch.


Pitching mechanics for speed and accuracy include:

  • Ball in plane from drop back, through lift and circle.
  • Head, shoulders, and feet remain in power line.
  • Big circle.
  • Staying centered with upper body.
  • Using the rear leg to aggressively drive forward.
  • Using the front leg to stop forward progress.
  • Staying connected with the ground to ensure legal pitch.
  • Using core muscles to increase power.


Gary is an expert spin coach. Spins are first practiced from a short distance. The student achieves muscle memory for executing a correct spin. Then the pitcher gradually moves a little further away continuing to spin the ball correctly. This step-by-step process is followed until the pitch can be thrown with correct spin from full distance.

As soon as the new Rev Fire radar is available for sale, spin rate (revolutions per second) will be measured and tracked. The goal is to achieve optimal speed and break.

Pitches taught include fastball, change-up (pick from 4 types), curve, screw, drop, rise, and drop-curve.


Ordered, step-by-step goals for building accuracy with fast ball and change-up:

  1. Throw fifty percent fast ball strikes.
  2. Throw fifty percent fast ball strikes in the lower half of the zone.
  3. Throw fifty percent change up strikes.
  4. Throw fifty percent fast ball strikes in lower half of the zone and on the inside and outside corner. Down the middle not counted.
  5. Throw fifty percent change ups starting as a strike but dropping below the zone (chase pitch).

Locating other pitches will follow a similar progression of goals, from simpler to more difficult.