Fast Pitch Slapping Lessons


Instructor Gary Barr has been working with fast pitch slappers for over twenty years. Gary combines the most effective techniques learned from videos, books, clinics, and his experience coaching slappers of all ages and levels of experience. Drawing on this research of “best methods”, combined with his coaching experience, he will guide the slapper through a proven step-by-step process for developing high average hitters.

Fast pitch slappers will drag bunt, soft slap, hard slap, and bounce while on the run from the left side of the plate. This gives a large advantage to the slapper as not only are they two steps closer to the plate when setting up on the left side, they have a running start toward first. In addition, to be an effective slapper, the slapper must also be a capable hitter from the left side.

In high school a slapper can carry a .600+ batting average and in college .400+ average. These averages can not be duplicated by stationary hitters. Effective slappers are in high demand by college recruiters.

Slapping is not for everyone. Since a slapper must be also be able to stand and hit effectively from the left side, they have twice as much to learn as a non-slapping hitter. This learning curve is especially steep for the right hander who switches to left side.

Gary has helped hundreds of students (and parents!) analyze if slapping is a good change. Primary attributes of a potential slapper include speed, athleticism, patience, dedication, and importantly, future potential for hitting with power. If slugging is really the hitter’s forte, making a change to slapping may not be the best move for the hitter. A power hitting left side hitter will rarely slap.

Often, taking three to four lessons to experiment with slapping skills can give the hitter a feel if slapping is the right decision for them.

Here is a condensed list of skills taught at slapping lessons:

  • Setup.
  • Timing.
  • Footwork. Three options to experiment with are crossover, triangle, drop step.
  • Staying in the box. A new NCAA rule (“anti-slapper” rule) prohibits any portion of the foot stepping outside the box.
  • Speed out of the box.
  • Running drag bunt.
  • Running soft slap, both taps to the short stop hole and punches over either corner’s head.
  • Running hard slap.
  • Running bouncers and choppers.
  • Standard hitting from left side.
  • Slapping off speed pitches.
  • Mental approach.

For a demonstration of these slapping skills from a former student see Katie Virtue’s college recruiting video:

Yes slapping is a lot of work but it is also a lot of fun!