Gary Barr Bio

Gary Barr played Little League, Babe Ruth, and then was a pitcher at McNary High School in Salem. He has been married to his wife Dani for 37 years and has raised three children. His two daughters each went on to play fastpitch in college.

Gary’s job for the last 32 years has been as a computer system engineer. From his job, he learned the value of believing in the process. Big computer systems don’t get developed overnight. Each step must be planned, and goals set for the next phase. Gary brings this process orientation to his hitting lessons. Just like a computer system, rushing through mechanics quickly leads to system failure!

Gary has conducted over 7,000 private lessons for boys and girls and coached fastpitch High School and Travel Teams for 21 years. His coaching evolution began as a dad coaching T-Ball and took off from there. He is an avid researcher of baseball and softball skill development, focusing not only on fundamentals but also on sports psychology and motor cognition. He has condensed what he has learned from this research, as well as his coaching experience, into 800 plus pages of his new books in the Building the High-Level Swing series.