Slow Motion Video Analysis


A small portion of lesson time will be scheduled for making a video of the student executing their skill (hitting, pitching, or catching). An additional $15 is required for Gary to do the analysis using the latest in computer video sports analysis software. During the succeeding lesson, the student will review the video and analysis with Gary.

Hitting Analysis

Slow motion analysis will include graphics accenting the hitter’s most productive movements and positions, and those which may need adjustment. It is rewarding for the student to compare their swing in previous videos to their current swing. And it is helpful to compare themselves, side by side, with some of the best hitters in the world.

Here are examples of swing mechanics which can be accurately evaluated in slow motion:

  1. Where the hands settle during the Gather phase.
  2. Height of hands at launch.
  3. Height of elbow at launch.
  4. Position of hands at point of maximum load.
  5. Arms and hands tight to body, with rear elbow slotted, and barrel inside path of ball as the bat approaches the contact point.
  6. Heel up on toe touch.
  7. Bat drag.
  8. Dipping.
  9. Rear knee drive.
  10. Unweighting of rear foot.
  11. Axis of rotation.
  12. Degree of hip and shoulder separation.
  13. Full extension.
  14. Plane of swing.
  15. Firm front side on contact.

Fast Pitch Pitching Analysis

Here are examples of fast pitch pitching mechanics which can be accurately evaluated in slow motion:

  1. Ball in plane throughout lift and circle.
  2. Position of lead arm during circle and release.
  3. Head movement.
  4. Rear shoulder behind rear hip in K Position.
  5. Position of hand and fingers, just before release, for each type of pitch.
  6. Drag of rear foot.
  7. Degree of hip rotation at release.
  8. Rear leg and knee drive.
  9. Position of striding leg and foot.
  10. Position of upper body during forward drive and stride.
  11. Follow-through.

For all baseball and softball skills, Gary recommends slow motion analysis be done at least twice a year.